Work From Home : RAC Model of Communication for Software Developers

The Problem

This problem is so relatable that it can be explained using memes

The Solution

Enough laughing at the memes, let us talk business here…

What is RAC model?

RAC model stands for

  • Refer
  • Ask
  • Connect


Before we ask someone to get on a meeting, it is our duty to wait and think if this meeting is actually required? But how can we judge that?

  • Break down the problem into technical, functional and progress based problem
  • If it is a technical problem then Refer the code you are currently working on, if that doesn’t help then Refer some online resources
  • If it is functional problem then try to find the details in Jira or the right documentation provided by the team
  • If it is regarding asking the progress of work, then it can either be a simple message or meeting depending on how much details is expected as part of the status update. Is it just the status or even a small demo.


Sometimes it is not possible to solve the problem even after referring multiple resources. In that can ask your team to guide you to the right resources.


Even after asking, if the shared resources does not help only then ask for the meeting.

But when to move from one step to another?

Depending the complexity of the work, add a threshold. Ideally 2 hours.

Other Considerations

While RAC model drastically improves the efficiency and productivity, it may not always fit in, few of the scenarios are as mentioned below

  • If team always needs guidance or discussions on technical implementation on daily basis then schedule a recurring meeting so that everyone is prepared for it before hand
  • Sometimes few meetings are unavoidable because of the impact that it might cause. In that case it is always better to schedule a meeting after 10–15 minutes to give sufficient time to all the stake holders to be prepared and present. Also provide the detailed context in the invite to keep everyone on the same page
  • Inform the team or necessary participants before hand if their requirement is anticipated during the course of the work. These situations can be like Deployments, Peak Hours, Project Setup or Onboarding, etc.



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