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In this short article, I will walk you through the differences and implementations of Primitive Type and Wrapper Classes and the related consequences when used incorrectly.

What are Primitive Types and Wrapper Classes?

While many of us know what they mean, let me still give a quick overview

Primitive Types

A primitive data type specifies the size and type…

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While working on projects, big or small, it is very difficult to get everything good right from the start. Not only because we did not know about better process or concept but also because the good process we already know might have been outdated or even obsolete by the time…


While there are some codes that are bad and some codes that are good, There also exists some codes that turn bad in an attempt to make it good because of lack of sufficient knowledge.

In this short articles I will walk you through some tips and tricks on when…

In my Article about Atomic Design I have discussed about how to categorise a component into Atom, Molecule or Organism. In this article I will dive deeper into the implementation level and talk about how to design or write code for these components

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SDLC Flashback

You might have heard about software development…

Disappointed with unit test
Old meme, valid meme 😜 source: imgflip

Don’t like backstories and flashbacks? directly jump to testable code section

Do you get nightmares of not having unit tests for your code? Are you tired of figuring out how to get better code coverage? Do you spend more time writing tests to get better coverage than writing the actual…


Imperfectly written code can not only cause issues while adding new features but also the existing bugs and errors can drastically slow down the whole development process.

Just like any other early stage fast paced startup or organisation, we too ended up in a similar situation where our code got…

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In Part1, I have discussed about few of the basics of Atomic Design and Theming Library and how using them correctly can play a crucial role for the success of a project, no matter if you are an individual developer, working with a friend, working in a Startup or even…

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